They stuck their money where the sun don’t shine

They stuck their money where the sun don’t shine

Underground that is…Two guys from London are working on an awesome idea; growing microgreens (think rocket, basil, coriander or watercress) and salad underground.  And not just anywhere underground but in the middle of London in forgotten empty tunnels (old bomb shelters really). And they supply directly to the restaurants located above their heads. Read here how they pull this off!

 No sun, no rain?

Your thinking; don’t plants need sun to grow? Yes they need light. So won’t that cost tons of energy? Actually no. Founders Richard Ballard and Steven Dring are using advanced LED technology to grow their greens all year round.  And what about water? They use the latest hydroponic system which allegedly uses and wastes 70% less water than conventional open-field farming. The water used is harvested rain water. Off course.

Growing Underground - founders

Forget foodmiles. It comes directly from under your feet

 Because they have total control over their environment, they can work pesticide-free and are unaffected by the weather or seasonal changes. This way they can supply their customers all year round. Not by importing from far away places but from just under their feet. That means no food miles. They claim to have the greens in a restaurants kitchen within 4 hours of being picked and packed.

Growing Underground - products

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

So isn’t there anything that doesn’t work about this idea? No downside? What about taste? Well, there’s no arguing about matters of taste. You will have to try for yourself. Next time you are in London visit restaurant Le Gavroche and eat some greens from Growing Underground prepared by celebrity chef Michel Roux. And be sure to let me know about it!!

Oh and they are looking for cash to scale up. So if you too want to stick your money where the sun don’t shine: Investment projects don’t get more socially and environmentally conscious than this.