Thinking out of the box: 10 cool design products

Thinking out of the box:  10 cool design products

When you think about it; what’s not to like about cardboard? It’s light, flexible, strong, super affordable and easy on the environment. But stuff made from cardboard to me always felt a bit like bags made from jute; too much treehugger style. Until now when I found these amazing and beautiful cardboard concepts from all over the world. 

Besides looking über stylish and being affordable, most of these cardboard products are really intelligent design too. Such as the beautiful looking cardboard cactus improving the air quality in your home.  Take a look at these 10 cool examples of designers totally getting it right with plain simple cardboard!

1. The Kickertisch

Kickertisch Kartoni bottle holder

The foosball table, made by German company Kickpack, looks awesome, is super lightweight and even has a smartphone speaker. If football ain’t your thing, you can opt for Tennino, their cardboard table tennis table.

2. The Barnyard Method

Karton The Barnyard Method The Ram

Australian company Karton sells these cute looking cardboard sheep that can be used as book cabinets. You can get a ram, an ewe or even an entire family!

3. Not a Lamp

Not a lamp - David Graas

Dutch designer David Graas’ table lamp is called ‘Not a lamp’. David apparently prefers keeping things inside the box.

4. Toys for boys

Ringo's Paper Town

Ringo, a company based in Warsaw (Poland), creates cardboard toys such as the Paper Town series. I think I love this cardboard fleet as much as my son would!

5. The air filtering CactusNext

Castus Next - Studio Graffe

The CactusNext, designed by Milano based Studio Graffe, is an air filtering device but looks like a beautiful home accessory. Who needs plants anyway?

6. Refold’s portable desk

Refold's standing desk

“Sitting is the new smoking” is what it says at Refold’s website. That’s why their cardboard desk is designed to work standing and to move around. It’s foldable. Not ready to stand all day? No worries! You can order sitting legs too.

7. Going on a Cardboard Safari

Cardboard Safari Elephant

All you need is patience to put together Cardboard Safari’s  lasercut cardboard animal heads. You can decorate them yourself or buy a printed version.  You find animals heads a bit dull? Get the human skull. It’s customizable too.

8. Rocky Horse

Form maker Rocky horse

Shanghai based design studio FORM MAKER created this beautiful looking and strong (rocking is allowed up to 80 kgs!) Rocky Horse.

 9. Doll House Book

The Doll House Book - Rock and Pebble

Drawing on walls is finally allowed! Rock and Pebble‘s doll house has 15 rooms that can be decorated into the house of your dreams. Let the storytelling begin!

10. Build a rocket boys

Studio Roof Rocket

and girls off course! Dutch design Agency Studio Roof has built an awesome rocket for all future astronauts out there.

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