A new trend in the products-for-your-privates business?

A new trend in the products-for-your-privates business?

You have probably noticed the ‘go natural and fair’ revolution in the food industry? Well there is a similar but slightly less visible development emerging in a few other product categories too. The companies that lead this trend aren’t concerned with what you put in your mouth though. It’s other parts of your body they care about. Have you guessed it? It’s your genitals. Yikes! That’s an ugly word isn’t it?! Sorry! Privates? Anyhow, cool brands such as Einhorn , L. , Sir Richards and Yoni want to change the way we make the products-for-our-privates. In a cool way. Here’s  how.

Chemicals are not for pussies

Yoni tamponsA vagina, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the most absorbent parts of the female body.  Many products that come near it such as tampons, sanitary pads or condoms contain chemical ingredients that are potentially harmful. Now all though there isn’t enough research done yet on the long term (negative) effects of these materials on your health, it seems common sense not to want them in your body anyway. As Amsterdam based menstrual products brand Yoni puts it, ‘Chemicals are not for pussies’. If you don’t want to eat them, you definitely don’t want to absorb them down under either, right? Right. That’s why Yoni is offering women and girls a ‘toxic-free option’: tampons and pads that are chemical free, made of organic cotton.

But condom brands Einhorn, L. and Sir Richards want to do even more.  Next to offering their customers chemical free condoms, they want to make a positive social impact elsewhere in the world.

Give a f*ck

Slogans such as ‘Start having world changing sex’,  ‘Good men give a f**k, so you should too’ or ‘Doing good never felt better’, are these brands’ way of letting you know they do more besides selling all-natural condoms.

US based brands L. and Sir Richards, both purpose-driven companies wanting to fight (the effects of) HIV/AIDS, create social value by using the one-for-one model. Meaning they have incorporated giving into their business model. For every condom you buy they donate one to public health partners in either Haiti (Sir Richards) or sub-Saharan Africa (L.). Despite their very serious missions, these brands really know how to market their products in a cool and funny way. Wanna have a laugh? Watch this short video in which Sir Richards promotes ‘Have sex, save lives’:

Cooler looks

Berlin based brand Einhorn’s focus is on creating a transparent and fair condom supply chain. They aim to be the world’s first fair trade condom brand.  All though it seems some other brands have beat them to it – such as Sustain and Fair Squared – you gotta love them for their other mission;  making condom packaging look cooler and therefore less awkward to buy or own. Their condoms are sold online in ‘weekly’ or ‘yearly’ bags (7 or 52 pieces) which are designed by artists and prominent designers.

“We got sick of complaining about ugly, unsustainable, non-environmentally conscious exploited products, so we decided to make a better one ourselves and make it really sexy, cool. If you want to do sustainable things, you have to compete with regular products that people want to buy because it’s cool, not because they’re trying to be good.”

At MASH we couldn’t agree more!

Einhorn packages

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